The story so far…

“Man is a fragile footbridge thrown across the abyss”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Hello again.

It’s been a long time since I blogged. Around 3 years. Maybe more. I’m still not entirely sure why I’ve decided to start again. Considering I still have three other websites and they are in varying states of decay and update. Except that it’s a kind of compulsion, one that I miss – the filtering of ideas and experiences into a form that can be expressed and communicated. It doesn’t happen so easily through my art practice – which is one of the things I’m also trying to figure out right now. What am I doing? For whom? Why?

My original blog, over at the Singing Bridges site is now more of an archive than active travel diary. I let it go when life took me too far into the path of chaos and everything was collapsing around me, it was a relief simply not to have that impulse to share anymore. Especially when things had become so out of control, I was spending a winter in visa exile on a small Croatian island and I really didn’t know how to pull myself out of that fragile broken down state. Walking around the town fortifications every day, imaging my life as a fairy tale, and sitting writing in the local coffee shops eventually had their effect and I managed to get off the island and back into the Schengen State. Landing at an art anti-squat in Maastricht, but that’s another story.

Why keep a blog now? Well, I certainly can’t fit all this into a fb status update or tweet. And a lot has happened since then. Many cubic volumes (metres) of water have flowed under so many bridges. Now that it’s been ten years of this insanity, this crazy bridge journey that has somehow become my life, well, I feel like charting my course again. This is going to be completely random. Whatever I feel like talking and writing about, from art and life and research and reading and whenever I feel like doing it. Maybe once a day, or once a month, or once an hour! Yes, it is partly for my own benefit, as a document and diary, a way to make sense of the fragments that are not apparent when you’re inside them. Also as a way to connect, should anything here be of interest or resonate or inspire, that would be lovely – mostly because I’ve learned to trust the voice inside and this is what it’s telling me to do right now. Quite insistently.

So here we are. Back on the screen. I’m a little nervous, there is so much I want to achieve. And if I put it out here in black and white, well it’s only too easy to tell whether I did – or not. But this is who I am. Done trying to fit into anyone else’s categories or expectations, artistic or otherwise. The world can either take me or leave me be. And yes I don’t always write in complete sentences, sometimes I leave bits out or jam together ideas that may bear no immediate discernible relation. I won the prize for ‘Australia’s Best Blog‘ in 2005, have decided to experiment with micropublishing, and started my own platform for  varied cultural transmissions (everything) + ART along with new journal articles on medium.

The important things seems to be getting the ideas down while they’re fresh, and still open to all kinds of tangents, before solidifying it into something legible and coherent. That’s my feeling, anyway. The prize did vindicate the amount of time I spent writing the blog, which was called into question by certain people who thought I should be focused only on making art. A girl can’t live on art alone – I need something else in my life; writing, sewing, conversation, LIFE!

There are so many tangents to explore, different approaches to take that I can only really follow my intuition. Go with the ideas that have energy and focus, where paths open up in a natural rhythm, without trying to force them, or ‘push the river’.

Figuring out how to architect the site and organise information was never my strong point. And metadata. Don’t even get me started on that. I quite liked how my original blog was simply dive in and see what you find. Date order only. No tags, no keywords, no GPS location mapping, no comments, no RSS feed. Nothing more fancy than these black squiggles on the screen.

Let’s find out how things unfold, and remember if you’re going to start something, you better be damn passionate about it!