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She married the Devil’s Bridge

After 10 years of searching for my perfect bridge, I finally chose to marry the Pont du Diable (Devil’s Bridge) for his dark and mysterious history. Strong, stable and silent, he is the… Continue reading

A wedding is arranged…

SiltaTanssit Tango

Siltatanssit Tango / Bridge Dances Tango Lauttanpään kävelysillalla, Suomi / Lauttanpään Pedestrian Bridge, Finland Siltatanssit Tango is based on the “Siltatanssit”, a tradition in rural Finland of holding summer dances on wooden bridges,… Continue reading

Surf the edge!

Jodi Rose & Elwis Presley Lieben Toten Singing the bridge – Industrial Installation Sonorama-Besancon, 2009 Industrial Installation / Industrial Music Punk Bridge – Pont Battant ‘That bridge goes to the dark side of… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary!

10 years today. Champagne on the Millennium Bridge to celebrate my first international Singing Bridge. Celebrating TEN YEARS of Singing Bridges with Mika on the Millennium Bridge, London April 5th 2012 Champagne on… Continue reading

Bridge News

Virtual Site Visit to Menai Suspension Bridge for Bangor Sound City. News from the real one soon.

The Story So Far….

It amuses me how shocked people are when I do projects with bridges that don’t have sound… Like building Sleep Span at the Ice Hotel with Justin Tyler Tate, or making interactive bridge lights & sculptures… Continue reading