“It seems that if anyone is going to extract music from the secretive steel of a suspension bridge, it would be Jodi Rose.” Kim Velsey, Alarm Magazine

Improvisations with artists invited to ‘PLAY’ bridges

Simone Revisited, Paris
Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir, Paris
19:00 -21:00 SUNDAY 29TH JULY 2012
Singing Bridges with Carly KO (dancer) at Pont Social: OF TWO*

“The geometry of the bridge Simone de Beauvoir is remarkable, vibrations in the structure are not directly audible. Using properly placed sensors and various sensitive devices, we will reveal the sound universe hidden in these tubes of metal. An interactive universe, responding to the proposals of the passers-by…”

Video Documentation by Dzoan Nguyen Tran Sound from live amplification, composition and the rain falling on the bridge…

Emmanuel Rebus (Singing Bridges) Emmanuel Rebus, scientist and musician, assistance to the Parisian aspect of his work: indeed, the bridges of Paris are not suspended and they need a few small excitations to vibrate…
Jodi Rose (Singing Bridges) Jodi Rose est une artiste nomade d’origine australienne, qui parcours le monde pour enregistrer les vibrations de ces gigantesques harpes éoliennes que sont les ponts suspendus.
Carly KO Carly works with street theatre, dance, body mime, circus, and most recently yoga and singing. She adapts each work to the situation and will synchronize with the sound installation set up for the event with Singing Bridges, interpreting the structure to create a surreal world of aesthetics, poetics, emotion and passion.

Lowsalt on-site inauguration of BridgeLand at Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts, UK April 2010

Keizersbrug  SUMMERCAMP

Ghent, July 18 2009

Vooruit & Timelab

Maastricht Kunsttour 50th Bridge

Best Before – Klankkunst KunstTour 23-24 May 2009

Intro In Situ

Ljubljana Bizovik Bridge

Slovenia Dec 25 – 28, 2007

Singing Bizovik Bridge from Luka Dekleva on Vimeo.

A short edit of a live cinema performance, where a bridge was used to generate sound. Contact microphones were placed on the cables and railing of the bridge. Usually unheard sounds were exposed and for a short while we vibrated with the structure. The recordings we made that day were later processed using a variety of tools to create a 40 minute live cinema performance.

Concept and Audio: Jodi Rose
Audio: Luka Prinčič
Video: Luka Dekleva
Camera: Cym


Bizovik Singing Bridge – A one minute movie by cym

Under the Bridge – A one minute movie made by cym during xmas 2007 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Sound sample by Lojz. The installation under the Bizovik Bridge was part of the “Singing Bridges” project.

Paris Ballade Canal St Martin

Quai de Jemmapes, Paris Wednesday april 16th 2008,

Rebus & Co Mal au Pixel Festival

MalauPixel Ballades Experimentals

Mains d’Oeuvres, Paris 22 May, 2008

A music made of suspended bridges sounds is streamed from Singapore by Jodi Rose and vibrated through a metalic structure built by E.Rébus. This abstract bridge is augmented by YroYto’s video graphics.

Yroyto, Rebus & LBB (featuring Jodi Rose from Singapore)

Simone de Beauvoir Passarelle, Paris
11 April 2008

Simone’s Song

Video & Sound – Emmanuel Rebus, Jodi Rose, Hars & guests


Singing Bridges includes collaborations with musicians, composers, visual artists, VJ’s, designers, software developers, engineers, architects, and theatre directors including: Mari Keski-Korsu, Lasse Kaikkonen, Matthias Fritsch, Michael Bates, Ben Fink, Ion Pearce, Trevor Brown, Luka Dekleva, Jonathan Nichol, Pelle Gustavasson, Stephen O’Brien, Rashid Annan, Nazli Tabatabai, Jon Drummond, Derek Thompson, Peter Wellings, Sophea Lerner, Mika Meskanen, Luka Dekleva, Luka Princic, Yroyto, Rebus, Hars, Sonicbrat, Brian Gothong Tan, Ambient Intelligence Lab NUS Singapore, Aljosa Abrahamsberg, WPMG, Feedback Society, Lifeloop, Erik Minkkinen, Elwis Presley Lieben Toten and more!

Variations Remixes by: Kent Macpherson, Karl Muller, Roger Mills, GintasK, Dariusz Roberte, Robbie Rowlands, Steve Law, Audio_Z, Ed Osborn, Matt Rosner, Jonas Olesen, Francisco Lopez, Jacques Soddell, Jacob Kirkegaard.  VibroFiles mix Erik Minkkinen feat. bridge samples.

Join in and make some bridges sing, or tune your ears to listen next time you walk across…..