I’ve heard the bridges singing!

I am thrilled to be one of three authors featured in the launch of FicShelf, a new social publishing platform to help writers pay for professional editing and design. You can be one of the first to read I’ve heard the bridges singing!  

Many thanks, Jodi Rose

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A kaleidoscopic trip through the cultural underground and over bridges around the world, hybrid travel memoir and alternative culture resource, this dazzling text is best described as the literary love child of Rebecca Solnit and Geoff Dyer, on a gonzo road trip with Patti Smith.

Hearing the call of a mysterious language vibrating in bridge cables, Jodi Rose follows their strange music around the world, until she lands in the creative maelstrom of Berlin. Join her quest for a global symphony of bridges as she travels from Sydney to Berlin, via Helsinki, Glasgow, Ljubljana, Barcelona, Vilnius and beyond, looking for a bridge of her own, true love and a place to call home.


“I lived for the music of bridges. I wanted to hear their cables sing, to uncover the secret voice of their vibrations. I also dreamed that I would find true love along the way. Some dreams come true, and others turn into something even more extraordinary. This is the story of my creative journey through experimental sound and underground art festivals, culminating in my marriage to a handsome French… bridge!”

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