Surf the edge!

Jodi Rose & Elwis Presley Lieben Toten

Singing the bridge – Industrial Installation


Sonorama-Besancon, 2009

Industrial Installation / Industrial Music

Punk Bridge – Pont Battant

‘That bridge goes to the dark side of Besançon’, says my local history informant…

Pont Battant echoes with echoes of a rumoured Einstürzende Neubauten concert held on, near or underneath it in 1989. Local post-industrial punk noise band ‘Elwis Presley Lieben Toten’ are invited to create a live concert under the bridge in the spirit of the original legendary Neubauten gig. Crossing over the bridge you hear a mixture of live and historic noise and silence, from the past to the present, or maybe the future…

Avec la participation and live concert de Elwis Presley Lieben Toten

Co-Production: Sonorama-Besançon & Jodi Rose

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