Simone Revisited


Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir, Paris


19:00 -21:00

Singing Bridges with Carly KO (dancer) at Pont Social: OF TWO*


“The geometry of the bridge Simone de Beauvoir is remarkable, and rigidity resulting vibrations in the structure are not directly audible. Using properly placed sensors and various sensitive devices, we will reveal the sound universe hidden in these tubes of metal. A universe interactive, since responding to the proposals of the passers-by”

Emmanuel Rebus (Singing Bridges)

Emmanuel Rebus, scientist and musician, assistance to the Parisian aspect of his work: indeed, the bridges of Paris are not suspended and they need a few small excitations to vibrate…

Jodi Rose (Singing Bridges)

Jodi Rose est une artiste nomade d’origine australienne, qui parcours le monde pour enregistrer les vibrations de ces gigantesques harpes éoliennes que sont les ponts suspendus.

Carly KO

Carly works with street theatre, dance, body mime, circus, and most recently yoga and singing. She adapts each work to the situation and will synchronize with the sound installation set up for the event with Singing Bridges, interpreting the structure to create a surreal world of aesthetics, poetics, emotion and passion.


OIDEM organizes every Sunday of the summer social event with an artistic touch (music, dance/performance…) inviting the public to settle on the bridge of an afternoon and evening.

Placed at the heart of the bridge Simone de Beauvoir, OF TWO is a light installation, symbol of the questioning on human relations. The focus is on the phenomenon of the meeting. OF TWO integrates in the programming of the Future en Seine and Festival de Nuit Blanche 2012.

Return to Passarelle Simone de Beauvoir, Paris in July 2012! Le PONT SOCIAL OF TWO avec OIDEM


OF TWO : Installation Lumineuse

Avec la technologie de NULLOHM et la participation de KARINE SAPORTA

Anchored on the bridge from 23 June to 6 October 2012, the installation will be accompanied by a program of performance on the same theme. Some will be led by the Compagnie Karine Saporta, in direct collaboration with the BnF or Sunday red. The realization of this facility with the Norwegian studio Nullhom (digital design agency). This studio has developed a system of sensors detecting the presence of walkers, and Commander light to follow their route. In this dream-like universe, a luminous path interacts with people according to the rhythm of their movements and the density of their crosses. The bridge becomes organic, he lives to a short-lived wake generated by the movement of visitors become actors in the installation. This wake designed by OF TWO reveals the bridge Simone de Beauvoir, certainly one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe and around the world.


Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir


Port de la Gare et Port de Bercy

Paris 12ème et 13ème


Based in Paris, France, OIDEM is an artistic research studio focusing on the conception, production and realization of cultural events and art installations through the collision of various media. OIDEM identifies and gives value to any particular site, structure or event by enhancing, augmenting and transforming their existing conditions. By exploiting the potential of each location and/or situation, OIDEM creates a “hyperactive space,” a “multi-sensory place” charged with assorted stimuli. OIDEM wishes to promote social and cultural diversity and incite a dialogue between cultures.


Emmanuel Rebus, Jodi Rose, HarS, & friends

Very excited to work again with the wonderful Emmanuel Rebus, who created this magnificent bridge instrument for our concert with Yroyto at Mal au Pixel Festival in 2008

Image: Copyright All rights reserved by Nick Mariette


Mal au Pixel – Passarelle Melodie, Canal St Martin – Emmanuel REBUS & Singing Bridges

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