Bangor Sound City – Menai Singing Bridge

Menai Singing Bridge

Bangor Sound City and Jodi Rose celebrate Menai Suspension Bridge.

My first public audio bridge walk!

Audio Walk on Menai Suspension Bridge

Audio Walk on Menai Suspension Bridge Photo: Dewi Jones

Australian sound artist, Jodi Rose, mics up Menai Suspension Bridge – turning an historical engineering triumph into new sound experiences including a live performance featuring four international sound artists. Wales’ own Richard Higlett takes his roving sound-car into Bangor and Snowdonia, while the Dance Collective perform a newly commissioned work. Come along for one of Jodi’s audio walks and hear the bridge like you’ve never heard it before! Photo by Dewi Jones


Videos from Bangor Sound City

Radio appearances talking Menai Singing Bridge

In and Out – for Menai Singing Bridge

in collaboration with INTER/actions(external link)

Jodi Rose (Australia / Germany) • Andreas Weixler (Austria) • Se-Lien Chuang (Taiwan/ Austria) • Xenia Pestova (New Zealand / Canada)

Live Session, FREE

  • Tuesday 10 April, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Bridgemaster’s House, Menai Suspension Bridge

Live quadraphonic performance and recording session, with bass recorder, toy piano and Spectra Sonic System.

Contact microphones reveal the normally inaudible sounds of the cables and bridge structure as Jodi Rose invites three international musicians to improvise with and reinterpret these uncovered sounds in the unique and intimate setting of the Bridgemaster’s House.

Audio Walks

in collaboration with The Thomas Telford Centre(external link)

Jodi Rose (Australia / Germany) and Bob Daimond (Wales)

Audio Walks, £3 (free for under 16s accompanied by an adul)

  • 3 pm & 4 pm, Sunday 1 April, Menai Suspension Bridge
  • 3 pm & 4 pm, Sunday 8 April, Menai Suspension Bridge

In a unique collaboration, Bob Daimond guides an historical Bridge Walk along the Menai Suspension bridge during which Jodi Rose reveals the innate sounds of the bridge.

Sound Car

Richard Higlett (Wales)

Tour & Open Workshops, FREE

  • Saturday 7 April, 2 – 4 pm, Clock Tower, Bangor
  • Sunday 8 April (Easter Sunday), 2 – 4 pm, Betws y Coed
  • Monday, 9 April, 2 – 4 pm, Bethesda

atch out for Richard Higlett’s sound-car taking the sound of Menai Suspension bridge into Bangor and Snowdonia. You could see (and hear) the car anywhere, anytime as he and Jodi Rose take the car-roof mounted mega sound-system around North Wales. You can be sure to catch him in Bangor, Betws and Bethesda when you can drop-in to a free sound-art workshop in the sound-car boot!


in collaboration with Dawns i Bawb(external link)

The Dance Collective (Wales)

Dance Performance, FREE

  • Saturday 7 April, 2 – 4 pm, Clock Tower, Bangor

In a brand new commission by Dawns i Bawb for Menai Singing Bridge, The Dance Collective perform in response to Jodi Rose’s sounds of the Menai Suspension Bridge.

Structured improvisation: Lisa Spaull, Angharad Harrop and Colin Daimond.