It was ten years ago today…

That I started my very first travel diary blog

Just finished two meetings, one with fabulous collaborator Andy Holtin, then Roman the Chroma sales guru, who brought me an entire box filled with coloured resin joy… Exciting new transmission of singing bridges in different forms. No gelato. Although as ten years past, I am again camping out in a luxurious apartment courtesy of very dear friends – if you’re going to be homeless, do it in style. Cultural nomads of the world unite! I like my naming dilemma – cable cacophony – and I guess the obsession hasn’t changed much either. Alright, off and out into the night now to World Radio Day meetup at Supermarkt.

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Happy Tenth Anniversary!

Hearing Place - Tiny Bridges

Posted by jodi rose

Home now a bit drunk from dinner with Julaine. Found the BEST gelato in the world at pompeii – creme caramel, baci, zabaiglione mmmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

10:24 PM
Posted by jodi rose

I’m still trying to decide on a name for this project. Cable cacophony, bridges of
babel, secret voice of bridges, take it to the bridge, musique concrete and steel,
sonic architecture, bridge of sound, international symphony of bridges.It’s
anyone’s guess right now what it will end up being.
So much work to do before I get anywhere near the next bridge. Keeping the
outline clear and simple is driving me spare – so much junk in my head.
Checked out the Isea and Ars Electronica sites today – now that’s an incentive
to get cracking! It would be sooooooo cool to go to either or hopefully both and
play the bridges near Nagoya and the lush Voest bridge in Linz. Which already
has its own sensors on the cables. Must find out what the resonant frequency
actually IS. Maybe I can get hold of a recording of the tests.
Anyway, guess it’s time to call it a day and go interact with some humans. Doing
serious hermiting the last few weeks – it’s been so good to get started with this
project coming together, becoming totally obsessed. Ah well, bon appetit!

Anzac Bridge 1994

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

10:22 PM