Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Welcome to Bridgeland!

Welcome to Bridgeland by Jodi Rose A Lowsalt Event for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010 FRIDAY APRIL 23rd 8PM Location: South Portland Street Suspension Bridge (1853) (Old red foot bridge on… Continue reading

It was ten years ago today…

That I started my very first travel diary blog Just finished two meetings, one with fabulous collaborator Andy Holtin, then Roman the Chroma sales guru, who brought me an entire box filled with… Continue reading

RVK 9 (Reykjavík Nine) NOT GUILTY!

Three years after being charged with an ‘Attack on Parliament’, five of the nine people protesting in the wake of Iceland’s economic collapse have been acquitted, while the remaining four received a suspended… Continue reading

Cultural Value & the new Berlin supermarkt

Supermarkt Free Culture Incubator #12 Finale The culmination of a 12-month workshop series, the final Free Culture Incubator showcased people, themes and highlights from two years of extensive research covering the price and… Continue reading