Women of the World Take Over!

Tonight is a shout out to all the incredible women in my world. I’m so proud and inspired by being part of this community. Life in Berlin – sometimes it gets me happy, I’m looking out the window with a silly grin all the way home, at the simple fact that I can take the bus past both the Brandenburg Gate AND the Angel of Victory.


Took a deep breath and overcame my occasional social phobia by reminding myself that I will meet the people whom I most need to meet at the Oz Embassy Australia Day lunch. They turned out to be two fantastic women, Maria who started Hebbel Theatre, and Dr. Prof Renate who is running a conference on Visualising Australia at a uni in Stuttgart later in the year – both incredibly warm, inspiring and engaged in creative adventures. Susanne of course, always excellent value, On-Yau one of the artists whose work is currently on show, and Laura, a journalist who I met last year at the book launch of Strange Museums (a performance art tour through Poland, well worth reading if you can pick up a copy). A few good men there too, Joerg, the Cultural Attache and the Ambassador who gave approval to my bridge show later in the year, helping celebrate 60 years of Australian/German Diplomatic Relations. Exciting times.

Discovered the Greek supermarket around the corner, and brought home a tub of their absolutely spectacular home made tzatziki, along with hoummus, halloumi and almonds. Delicious. Had to go back to the Humana (second hand shop) at Kurfurstenstrasse for the hoodie I meant to buy yesterday but somehow ended up leaving without – supercute silver headphones printed onto the fabric – a girl’s gotta get her fashion geek on sometimes. Treated myself with the Ice Hotel funds to a couple of vintage Swedish dresses that somehow ended up in Berlin and happen to fit perfectly (since I had no money to go vintage shopping when I was in Sweden last November) – a shame about the polyester, but the cut and overall vibe is so right I couldn’t keep to my oath of natural fibres only.

This evening, final Free Culture Incubator (part of transmediale12. prelude) at the Supermarkt, new cultural centre set up by Ela Kagel with partners Zsolt & David on Brunnenstrasse. The space looks amazing, apparently the paint was still drying but everyone seemed totally calm and confident. It’s a great program, bringing together cultural innovation with free and open source philosophy into the business incubator framework, and asking the pivotal question, can cultural value be translated into market value? Very interesting presentations, at which I took notes and will summarise later. Rasa and Miga swept me off into the night, and I let myself be taken unknowingly to an experimental music gig, which reminded me exactly why I stopped doing such things. The body gesture guy was more fun in retrospect, some nice robotic moves and I saw the sound artist actually laugh in the middle of a performance, possibly the first time ever. I had the strange sensation of quite liking the performance, while being excruciatingly bored by it at the same time. Ran into some old friends – Derek Holzer, who I haven’t seen in way too long, and the cute Polish couple who performed with me as part of Shu Lea Cheangs ten-piece viral noise band at Berghain Kantine, and have now moved to Berlin. Put myself on the bus home, and now here we are, 1:13am time to turn the screen off and get some sleep.

Soundtrack for the evening: Jim O’Rourke – Prelude to 110 or 220 Women of the World