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TEDx Kreuzberg


International Bridge Diva talks Singing Bridges

Meet Jodi Rose, self-acclaimed International Bridge Diva and initiator of the beautiful Singing Bridges!

Singing Bridges Prezi for TEDx Kreuzberg

Jodi Rose has traveled the world since 2002, creating Singing Bridges, a conceptual sound work using the cables of bridges as musical instruments on a global scale. Recording the vibrations in the cables with contact microphones, editing and composing the sounds to create experimental music, performances, and installations has taken Jodi to festivals and events across Europe and Australia. She has dangled from the top of a crane in Bangkok to listen to the cables being ‘tuned,’ sampled cocktails in the bar of the UFO Bridge in Bratislava, been guardian of a bridge over the Danube, and traversed the globe from Helsinki to the Mekong Delta in her endless quest for bridge music. Jodi is working with engineers, architects, software developers and musicians to link the sounds of bridges around the world in the ultimate live networked ‘Global Bridge Symphony’, and writing a memoir of this quixotic philosophical journey from on her award winning Travel Diary…


Am 10. Dezember (Donnerstag) öffnen wir die Türen des Betahaus, um einen Abend voller inspirierender TED-Talks zu zelebrieren: Wir laden ein zu TEDx Kreuzberg! Die Details gibt es in den nächsten Tagen an dieser Stelle.

At 10 Dec (Thursday), Betahaus will open its doors to celebrate a night full of inspiring TED talks: Please join us for TEDx Kreuzberg! More information on TED is available on the TED website.