I’ve heard the bridges singing!

I am thrilled to be one of three authors featured in the launch of FicShelf, a new social publishing platform to help writers pay for professional editing and design. You can be one… Continue reading

Singing Bridges Music

Singing Bridges Live Concerts and Compositions New Albums Available Now! The sounds of bridges under construction, recorded during the building of Rama VIII Mega Bridge in Bangkok & Green Bridge, Brisbane Singing Bridges… Continue reading

Singing Bridges Art Prints

Selected prints from Singing Bridges On-Site Installations, Concerts and Performances are available now! All purchases before July 16th receive a free selected bridge audio archive album in addition to the print.

She married the Devil’s Bridge

After 10 years of searching for my perfect bridge, I finally chose to marry the Pont du Diable (Devil’s Bridge) for his dark and mysterious history. Strong, stable and silent, he is the… Continue reading

A wedding is arranged…

SiltaTanssit Tango

Siltatanssit Tango / Bridge Dances Tango Lauttanpään kävelysillalla, Suomi / Lauttanpään Pedestrian Bridge, Finland Siltatanssit Tango is based on the “Siltatanssit”, a tradition in rural Finland of holding summer dances on wooden bridges,… Continue reading

Nice Rain

performance and discussion by Gilles Aubry May 10 2013, 19h Errant Bodies project space Kollwitzstrasse 97, 10435, Berlin. The project Nice Rain takes the city of Berlin as a pretext for exploring the notion of urban sound… Continue reading

Musique du Pont Volant

CITY SONICS SOUND ART FESTIVAL, MONS Musique du Pont Volant (Music of the Flying Bridge) 20:14 6 channel sound installation City Sonics Festival, Mons BE LISTEN TO EXCERPT The composition pays homage to… Continue reading


Futurist Dream Bridge (Sonorama-Besançon, France) Bridges from around the world are played along the Pont de la République in a Global Bridge Symphony. Listeners walking along the bridge create your own mental orchestration… Continue reading

Surf the edge!

Jodi Rose & Elwis Presley Lieben Toten Singing the bridge – Industrial Installation Sonorama-Besancon, 2009 Industrial Installation / Industrial Music Punk Bridge – Pont Battant ‘That bridge goes to the dark side of… Continue reading

Wish you were here

6 x 6 / 36 – Paysage/Landscape 6X6/36 est à la fois un catalogue et une exposition de poche ; une exposition à faire soi-même avec des œuvres visibles sur smartphone.* 6 x… Continue reading

What is Bridgeland?

Bridgeland is open! Bridgeland is free! Bridgeland is a state of mind… you are already in Bridgeland. Bridgeland is infinite possibility. Bridgeland is kisses. Bridgeland is laughing. Bridgeland is singing. Bridgeland is dancing.… Continue reading